About the Instructor

Trina Otero

Trina Otero is a Galactic Citizen providing channeled messages, wholistic intuitive healing, energy healing, sound healing, spiritual counsel / coaching, and teachings via her online portal Akosmopolite, She of the Throne podcast, Akosmopolite University, and social media platforms. 🔹 Her dedication to her path has unlocked memories, intuitive abilities, and taught her how to heal and empower herself. To remember her Sovereignty and rite as Communicator, Priestess & Medicine Woman. Since 2012 she has been sharing what she has rediscovered and learned, teaching others how they can focus on their spiritual evolution and heal as well! 🔹 Her goal is to empower all she meets, especially women, so that we all can remember who we are, heal, and return to our natural harmonious state – which is our birthright – so that we can heal planet Earth and bring Her back into harmony as well. 🔹 Poke around to see what resonates. Surf her links for messages, inspiration, activations, classes, or just to get to know her more.